What Factors Affect Your Personal Injury Settlement?

personal injury settlement

It’s normal to feel distressed and confused after you’ve been in a car accident. It’s a feeling many of us know all too well.

According to insurance surveys, 77% of drivers have been in an accident before.

After the initial trauma from the accident, you need to turn your attention toward recouping damages in court or a personal injury settlement. With some proactivity and the help of a personal injury attorney, you can get a payout that helps you rebuild your life.

Below, we’ll explain some details you should be aware of.


How the Auto Accident Occurred

The details can be a bit foggy when you step outside your door after an accident. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger in a ride share, knowing the many details of the accident will help you push your case forward.

Get in touch with the police department to get an official report of your accident.

This report will include details related to the time of day, the direction of travel, the weather, and other critical information. The accident report will also consist of information and statements from witnesses and the responding officer’s assessment of what happened.

It will include whether either driver was cited for a traffic violation, in addition, to contact information for everyone involved.

Your personal injury lawyer will need your account of what happened during the accident. They’ll ask things like whether or not you were wearing your seatbelt, which side of your vehicle the other driver struck you on, and how the accident happened.

These are the details that will help the attorney hold the other party at fault so that you can receive a fair and deserved settlement.


The Laws of Your State

Even having a cursory understanding of personal injury law in your state will help you get your expected settlement.

For example, knowing that California has a 2-year statute of limitations will help you move with intention so that you can file your case and recover damages in time.

A car accident lawyer can advise you on other things, like making sure to cease contact with the other party, and knowing what kinds of evidence you should seek.

Personal injury lawyers will have a thorough understanding of statewide law. They’ll examine the details of your case to make sure you can prove your damages and hold the other party accountable for them.

Your lawyer will need to prove fault in your case. Book a consultation with a lawyer and explain your case. They’ll let you know whether you have a valid case, based on state personal injury law.


The Injuries You Suffered

whiplash after car accident

During the consultation, your lawyer will also examine your injuries. Car accidents typically get big settlements because of the many injuries people suffer.

It’s common for many drivers to deal with injuries like back pain or broken bones. Many people suffer concussions in accidents due to whiplash or a direct blow to the head.

Mental health damages are common in car accident cases. Drivers often suffer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and intense stress.

Consider the long-term needs you might have as well. Many drivers have to get physical therapy to fully recover from their injuries. These bills can multiply after several months or years of rehabbing injuries.

You may also have to get surgery or go to specialists like chiropractors and mental health professionals.

A lawyer will have the professional foresight to help you take a full account of your injuries. That way, you’ll negotiate a fair settlement amount that lets you comfortably recover.


The Lawyer You Hire Can Impact Your Personal Injury Settlement

The quality of the attorney that you hire will make the biggest difference in your personal injury settlement. Hire the best lawyer you can find to ensure that you can win your case and recover payment for damages.

Find out where they attended law school and how long they’ve been practicing. Schedule a consultation to learn about their negotiating skills in case your case is settled out of court.


Ongoing Recovery and Care Needs

Your ongoing recovery should always be considered. Unfortunately, car accidents can leave you with disabilities that take several years or the rest of your life to get used to.

You might have ongoing issues, such as lumbar pain, whiplash, mending broken bones, and physical therapy. The nature of your ongoing injury will dictate the costs as well.

For an accident with no evident injuries, your damages might cost roughly $13,000, on average. Possible injuries account for damages of approximately $24,000, while evident injuries cost just shy of $30,000. Disabling injuries can cost more than $100,000.

Choose a lawyer who can recover your damages in full, so you can heal.


The Cost of All the Medical Bills You Accumulated

The major contributor to your settlement amount is the amount of medical bills that you have racked up. Consider the bills for your doctor visits, surgical procedures, physical therapy, and other forms of care.

Keep copies of medical bills and the doctor’s diagnoses handy for everything so that you can prove your damages down to the penny.


Mental Health and Emotional Distress

mental distress after a car wreck

You may also have some mental and emotional issues to contend with after a car wreck or other personal injury. People deal with pain and suffering, PTSD, depression, and other issues well after the accident occurred.

A lawyer can help you negotiate a quantifiable amount to address these damages.


Find the Best Personal Injury Settlement

A personal injury settlement is a significant life event that affects you emotionally and financially. It takes the help of a skilled professional to help you recover every bit of what you’re owed.

Santiago Accident Lawyers can provide guidance when you have a personal injury case. You can fill out the online form or call us at (714) 912-6901.

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