7 Key Tips on How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer

best car accident lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident in California, you’re not alone. Over 147,292 traffic accidents were reported in the state in 2020.

After experiencing a car accident, it’s important that you take the right steps. Especially if you’ve been injured in the accident, you need to hire a lawyer. This will help you get the compensation you deserve when negotiating with the other party and with insurance companies.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to choose the best car accident lawyer in your local area.


1. Check for Experience

The first thing you’ll want to find out about a car accident lawyer before hiring them is what credentials and experience they have.

It’s a good idea to read their website to learn more about them. Find out where they studied and how long they have been practicing.

In addition to this, it’s a good idea to find out about their previous litigation experience as well. A car accident attorney should have a history of going to trial when necessary. They shouldn’t settle a case just because it’s easy but should fight for a fair settlement.

Insurance companies and other lawyers may be able to push the lawyer around more if they seem unwilling to go to court. A reliable lawyer will go to trial if needed to help you get the compensation you deserve.


2. They Specialize in Car Accident Cases

In addition to their general level of experience, you should make sure that the law firm focuses on car accidents in particular.

While many lawyers focus on all types of personal injuries along with auto-related accident cases, some will focus on car accident cases alone. A lawyer that doesn’t specialize in car accident cases may not provide the best service and achieve the best outcomes.

If you want the best results, look for a lawyer that focuses on traffic accident cases and is well-acquainted with California car accident laws.


3. Make Sure That They Communicate Well

When looking for a lawyer, it’s essential to find one that communicates well. It’s important to find a lawyer that will give your case the attention that it deserves and will listen attentively to your questions and concerns.

It’s a good idea to schedule a free consultation with a car accident lawyer before you hire them to get a feel for how they interact with you and what their communication style is. While it’s not the only thing you should consider, you should make sure that you have a strong rapport with the lawyer you choose.


4. Look for a Great Reputation

When choosing a top car accident lawyer, do everything you can to learn about their reputation.

It’s a good idea to search for online reviews on a car accident law firm and to read what other clients have to say about them. Websites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp list online reviews. Reading through them can give you a good idea of what you can expect from working with a lawyer.

Additionally, you should also ask the lawyer for references. Be sure to speak with the references to get a clearer idea of what the lawyer has to offer.


5. Find Out About Professionalism and Resources

It’s also important to find a lawyer that seems to have great resources behind them. Having great resources can help make it possible for the lawyer to go to trial if necessary and can ensure that they can handle every aspect of your case with ease.

Be sure that the lawyer has a network of connections including experts who can help strengthen your personal injury case. They should also have a responsive legal team that will keep you updated on their progress.


6. Watch Out For Penalties and Disciplinary Actions

When evaluating a car accident lawyer, you should find out if they have had any penalties or disciplinary actions against them in the past.

Some lawyers face disciplinary action for legal violations and problems with how they run their practice. Many times, these lawyers will face a suspension rather than being disbarred.

It’s a good idea to double-check that the lawyer has not faced any penalties and to ensure that they’re honest and reliable. Fortunately, you can easily check a lawyer’s disciplinary history by searching for their name on the California State Bar’s website.


7. Know the Cost

You also need to ask a lawyer about their fees when making your hiring decision as well.

While some lawyers are paid by the hour, you should find an attorney that works on a contingency fee basis when looking for help with your car accident case. This means that they won’t make any money until you get a settlement. The lawyer will get a percentage of the final amount that you’re awarded, and there will be no out-of-pocket fees to pay.

Make sure that you understand the fee structure when hiring an attorney and ensure that the services are offered on a contingency fee basis.


Understanding How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer

If you want to get the compensation you deserve, be sure to find the best car accident lawyer in your area. Ensure that the lawyer you choose works on a contingency fee basis communicates well, has a great reputation, and has experience in car accident cases.

Looking for a reliable car accident lawyer in Orange, California? Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.

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